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This is a good-bye – United we stood as one

It is a very sad day for me. Last week, I shutdown my website and cancelled all contracts. Today I am announcing it publicly to everyone. This is the last that you will hear from PESianity. I am not turning away from PES. I will still support the community via prorevo. But I will lay PESianity – the project, the idea, the dream –  to rest.

When I started PESianity more than 6 years ago together with Daniele from, we wanted it to be the very first place to go for any PESian to find out about fan sites and news in their country and language. From a website that simply grabbed all the news and displayed them in some kind of blog, it developed into a nice website that was more of a portal to a world of PES. Sean Rainey helped me to properly redesign the website, make it responsive and accessible to people anywhere in the world, even with small displays or a very slow internet connection. About a year ago, I even got a new logo designed by a very kind fellow on twitter.

However, things have changed. News blogs seem to have become less important, and social media (mainly Twitter and Facebook) pretty much replaced forum discussions. Along with this development came a change in tone and behaviour. People became less respectful, more aggressive, hateful and abusive even (that’s not limited to the PES community, but a global change).
And that is not what I originally intended with PESianity. I wanted to create something that let people feel at home, feel save, feel wanted, feel respected. It is ok that my neologism “PESian” was not adopted as I had hoped it to be. Even though there were difficulties with the games, we stood together, stood as one. We helped each other out. Found workarounds, provided feedback. The editing community grew and seems to be stronger today than ever. But the PES community itself feels different to me.

I am not feeling the solidarity, the team spirit. To my mind, we do not stand as one.
Not anymore.

Of course, there are still many people that will disprove my words with their deeds and support for the community. And I am thankful for their help, their passion, their work. They are vital for the community.

I would like to say thank you to all the people that helped me on the way. I am not going to list them because I surely would forget someone and I do not want that. Thank you all!

I met new friends, established contact with people all over the world (literally) and encountered incredible experiences. I will of course still be a part of Prorevo and you might see me at an event or another.

But this chapter is at an end.


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