PES 2015 - Information about Online Divisions

All users will play in a series of 10-match seasons and are promoted, relegated or stay where they are based on their final points tallies.
You will be paired with random opponents who meet your personal preferences.
Matches in "Online DIVISIONS" are treated in the same way as Ranking Matches and the results will count towards your Overall Ranking match Rankings.

The "Season Points Ranking" is a score ranking system based on the number of season points the user earned in a single season.
* The amount of season points earned can vary depending on the overall rating of the team selected.

A season in ONLINE DIVISIONS consists of 10 matches with equal numbers of home and away matches.
Naturally, players tend to be more motivated when playing in front of their home crowds.
* As motivation levels can fluctuate depending on how the match proceeds, a home match is by no means an automatic advantage.

In ONLINE DIVISIONS, you can earn "Season Points" based on your records across each season. The amount you can earn depends on the overall strength of the teams you picked for each match.
So, if you want to earn lots of season points, the easiest solution will be to play under-strength teams.

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