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In myClub, your aim is to build an all-conquering team by acquiring the right players and managers.

Your first objective is to play matches and earn GP as well as acquiring agents.
Competitions may provide a stern challenge, but the rewards can be huge if you do well.
The GP and agents you accumulate can then help you bring in the players and managers which you need to strengthen your team.

The chemistry between your players and managers is a huge factor in building a team. The quickest way to success would be to just acquire players and managers who share the same Team Instructions.
"Team Spirit" is a very potent weapon for any potential giant killer.

Please note that players and managers are bound to contracts that dictate the number of matches they can take part in.
Once expired, they will be unavailable for selection.
Contracts however, can be renewed at any time and once you have a new deal in place, they can be selected again.
Always keep a watchful eye on your finances and make sure you spend wisely.

The types of matches you can play in myClub are as follows:

Play a series of 10 game seasons with teams being promoted and relegated based on their final standings. The higher the division, the harsher the conditions are to get promoted. Have you got what it takes to make it to the very top?

In coach mode, you will only make the team's tactical decisions such as selecting strategies or making substitutions as opposed to having to actually control any players who are on the pitch.
So, if you never saw yourself as the type to beat online opponents through quick reflexes and dexterity, use your guile and tactical nous instead.

Play against clubs created by other online users which are controlled by the COM.
You will play a series of 6 matches and if you earn more than 10 points, your level increases. The higher your level, the stronger the teams you will face.
The 6 matches will comprise of 3 home games and 3 away games.

Competitions attract a large number of users who are all fighting for top spot.
All entrants are required to play a series of matches in the Qualifying Round with the best performers advancing to the Knockout Phase.

You can acquire both GP and agents after completing matches of any type.
The amount of GP you are awarded can vary depending on results.

A Squad can comprise of up to 23 players: the starting eleven, 7 substitutes and 5 reserves.
The minimum size of a Squad is 19 including the manager.
You are unable to play matches if any one of the selected squad members meet the below conditions.
・The player or manager's contract has expired
・There are empty slots in either the starting lineup or the sub's bench
・A suspended player has been included
In such cases, select [Squad Management] and check player / manager status.

Choice of Team Instructions and Formations are both entirely dependant on your manager.
As you can register up to 10 Squads, try testing out different player / manager combinations in order to find your ideal setup.

The ways in which you can sign players are as described below.
Choose whichever method which suits your club's situation best.

<Signing players using agents>
Players can only be signed on a permanent basis through agents.
There are 2 types of agents, ones which can be obtained by just playing matches and "Top Agents" for which you can pay either by GP or myClub Coins.
If you are using the former, you can use multiple agents when signing players. This can increase the chances of you signing big players.
While Top Agents require GP or myClub Coins to hire, they can drastically improve your odds when trying to sign quality players.
Agents all have their own strengths and will generally bring in players that are a good match to their specialist fields. However, please note that this may not be always the case, especially when you hire multiple agents.

<Loan transfer>
Players can also be brought in on loan.
The advantage of signing someone on loan is that you can bring in quality without having to use agents. However, the below restrictions apply:
・Players will leave once their loan spells end and their contracts cannot be renewed.
・Loaned players do not count as squad players. For example, the minimum Squad size of 18 cannot be made up of just loan signings.
Players are also only available on loan for limited periods and will be taken off the loan list once the period ends.

If you want to check who you signed, select [myClub Members].
Make sure that you don't forget to register any newly signed players to your Squad by selecting [Squad Management] if you want to use them in matches.

You can hire managers by using either GP or myClub Coins.
Any manager you hire will be listed in [myClub Members].

Some great managers may be locked.
These managers cannot be hired using GP and only by playing a number of matches will they become available.
However, locks can be instantly disabled if you choose to spend myClub Coins.
A great manager is essential to get the most out of great players.
As you can keep 20 managers on your books, this should afford you the flexibility to have team setups for all types of opponents.

Finally, manager lists are updated daily. So, if you see someone you like shortlisted, it would be best to move quickly and hire him.

Each manager has his own set of specialist team instructions that also applies to players.
Keep Team Spirit high by signing players who have a high tactical fit with the manager's strategies.
Aside from instructions, the other factors which can affect Team Spirit are player's playing styles, skills and positional compatibility (whether or not players are being played in their correct positions).
A high Team Spirit ensures good team work amongst the players which can more than make up what's lacking in players' individual skills.
Try testing out how certain player - manager combinations affect Team Spirit in [Squad Management].

To check the level of tactical fit of all players who are registered to your Squad, have a look in [myClub Members] - [Squad List].
It will be strongly advisable to do this when you have just brought in new players or managers.

Play a series of 10 game seasons with teams being promoted and relegated based on their final standings.
As Divisions take into consideration the record of users who belong to them, including what Division you play for in the Matchmaking Conditions can help in looking for suitable opponents.
The higher the division, the harsher the conditions are to get promoted but the more GP you can earn at the same time.
Have you got what it takes to make it to the very top?

Records and results that decide which division you play in are kept separately by match type.
i.e. Match records from DIVISIONS and DIVISIONS (SIM) are kept separately.

<Team Strength>
Team Strength is the combined total of the Overall Ratings of all players on the team's books.
It can be seen as an indication of the team's basic potential.

<Team Strength Level>
There are 5 levels of Team Strength.
Team Strength Levels are used as one of the many conditions in matchmaking.

In myClub, fatigue builds up in proportion to playing time.
To help tired players recover, you can rest them and avoid playing them for extended spells.
Always keep an eye on players' fatigue levels in [Squad Management] and rotate your squad as you see fit.
You can also use items or myClub Coins for instant stamina recovery. These decisions could prove key if there are crunch games coming up including competitions where you badly need your best players.

The amount of times you log in to myClub is counted on a daily basis and you will receive rewards accordingly.
Counts go up to day 9 then the loop starts again.
The day counts are for total days as opposed to consecutive days where you have logged in.

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