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PES News collects and collates all news about PES series through RSS feeds from multiple sources, allowing visitors to easily browse, read and compare the way different sites/blogs show the same new.

All news are collected automatically through the RSS/ATOM feed of each source and PES News has no control over the content and bears no responsibility for their content.

In all news is clearly mentioned the source and included only a part of the article (what the source made available through the RSS/ATOM feed) and the visitor is referred to the source website via an active hyperlink in order to read the full article. PES News (like other similar services, like Google News, etc.) is an innovative news service since all news are collected automatically, solely by computer algorithms without human intervention.

Multimedia such as images, videos, photos are not stored on our servers, but are used directly as external links, as provided by the source of each news. We have no responsibility if there are posted information not suitable for viewing, or copyrighted. In case of deletion of an article by a source, it will not be deleted automatically in PES News (since it has been mechanically stored in cache). Please indicate us that article to remove it by hand.

Please contact us at contact (at) pesnews (dot) net

1) If you want to delete an article for any reason. It will be deleted immediately because we do not intend to harm anyone.

2) If you are the administrator of a source contained in PES News and you wish to be removed from PES News.

3) For any other issue related to the content and operation of PES News.

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