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[Xbox 360] PES 2013 option file: Daymos OPE: V1.5 + V2 released!


We want to continue releasing these files for free. However, we may be forced to take a different route due to the increasing number of option file thieves who think it's okay to sell OUR work.

If you enjoy using our files, please support our team of hard-working editors and donate today.

Important notice: 
In order to get these option files working, you must have an unmodded Xbox 360 with a hard-drive size of at least 20GB. Anything smaller and the option file will not function properly - for example, only two (out of the 500+) kits will show.

There are two files available - which one is for you?:
  • V1.5 is compatible with Data Pack 1 and Data Pack 2 - your game WILL NOT crash.

  • V2 is incompatible with both Data Packs - your game WILL crash if you install either one of the two data packs.

If you want to play with the Data Packs, do not download V2 and stick with V1.5 until we release V3 - where the crashing issue will have been fixed... release date coming soon!

Daymos OPE V2 - offline version

English Premier League, English npower Championship, German Bundesliga, Portuguese Liga Zon Sagres and international teams are now licensed.

Premier League squads are 95% correct. Last few transfers and other squads for all other leagues will be corrected for V3 (after Data Pack 2 is released).

Daymos OPE V1.5 - online version

English Premier League, Portuguese Liga Zon Sagres and national teams are now licensed. English npower Championship and German Bundesliga are both missing.

Squads are not 100% correct for both files. We will correct this for our next OF update (V3), once Konami release Data Pack 2 (summer transfers update DLC).

Please leave your comments and suggestions in the two threads posted above so the necessary improvements can be made.

Thank you - we hope you enjoy the files.
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